Wisdom teeth!

Wisdom Teeth

Most people will have issue’s with growing wisdom teeth. However not all – if there’s enough room for the tooth to come through into a comfortable position then no harm will be done apart from some slight discomfort, which is normal.

If there isn’t enough room for the tooth to come through it will still try and squeeze through. This is when it gets stuck against the front tooth and starts pushing that one causing more discomfort and problems. This is what is meant by Impacted Wisdom Tooth when it grows at an angle.


The typical issues that occur with Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

  • If the tooth is partly showing and partly hidden under the gum you can expect soreness and swelling around the gum area.
  • Food particles and bacteria can gather under the gum edge and it can be highly difficult to clean within this area. It can lead to both tooth decay and gum disease.
  • The front tooth that the wisdom tooth is pushing against can start to cause irritation and pain as pressure is being applied onto this tooth.

Wisdom teeth will only be removed if:

  • It’s clear that they will not come through in a good position due to a lack of room.
  • If they’ve partly come though and are decayed – as the area can be difficult to clean thoroughly.
  • If it’s causing pain and discomfort.


If an extraction is required how difficult are they to take out?

It really all depends on the positioning of the tooth and the shape of the roots. X-rays can best tell whether it’ll be a difficult extraction or not. The upper wisdom teeth are often more straightforward to remove than lower ones, as these are more likely to be impacted. Not all wisdom tooth extractions can be done within a dental practice, the dentist would need to decide on whether they can perform the extraction or whether a referral is needed to a specialist oral surgeon at a hospital. Usually a local anaesthetic or sedation would be recommended. A general anaesthetic, where you’d be asleep, can also be used, but this will only be given in a hospital.

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