Home visits

Home Visiting Dentist

We offer home visits for patients who cannot make it to the dentist themselves.

We offer limited services on the home visits – we can offer advice, extractions and denture. Unfortunately due to practical limitations we cannot offer fillings, bridges, implants or crowns.

Step 1: Find out how many miles you are away from us.

Using Google Maps, record how many miles you are away from us using the fastest route, as according to Google maps. To find this out, enter your postcode in the box below and hit “get directions” (opens in a new window)

Enter your home-visit address:
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Use our postcode: WS5 3EY.

Step 2: Compare the distance with our price list.

Up to 2 miles  – £75

2-3 miles – £90

3-4 miles – £95

4-5 miles – £105

5-6 miles – £110

6-7 miles – £120

7-8 miles – £125

8-9 miles – £130

9-10 miles – £135

We do not offer home visits over 10 miles away.

We can offer discounts if we see multiple people in one visit (for example nursing homes). See these as follows:

Treatment is on top of this price, and the price quoted is per visit. For example, extractions are £53.90 each and dentures are £233.70 each.

Step 3: Call us, or email us to discuss what treatment is required and to arrange an appointment.

By giving us an idea of what you need, we will advise you what it is likely to involve.

For example, extractions are usually done on the same appointment, whereas dentures may take 2 appointments, or 4 appointments, plus visits to adjust if required.

Call us on 01922624900 or email us on info@thedentistwestmidlands.co.uk


Nursing homes  / multiple resident’s discounts:


Cost per person per visit
Note that treatment cost is on top
No of people