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Dentist Costs and Prices

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Emergency appointments cost only £10 if you decide to have treatment straight away, and have a maximum cost of £30. This includes :

  • Consultation with our Dentist Dr. Rikki Dhody
  • As many digital Xrays as required
  • As many special tests as required
  • Diagnosis of the problem
  • Discussion of all of your treatment options
  • Development of a personalized treatment plan
  • Full Consenting to the treatment

Standard extractions and metal fillings cost £56.30. This includes:

  • Full consent and discussion of different types of filling to see which one suits your needs best.
  • Topical treatment before injections for maximum comfort
  • Local anaesthesia if needed to ensure comfortable treatment
  • Preparation of the tooth
  • The extraction or filling itself
  • Aftercare instructions
  • Adjustment of the filling afterwards if required

It does not include further treatment such as if the socket gets infected or sensitive and needs additional treatment.

Wisdom teeth extraction or simple surgical extractions cost £104, and complex surgical extractions can cost up to £150. This includes all of the above, plus cutting the gum, suturing afterwards and a review appointment to check healing and remove the sutures.

Antibiotics cost £8.60 for Amoxicillin or Erythromycin and £12 for Metronidazole. This includes the box of antibiotics which will be provided immediately so that you don't need to visit a pharmacist.

A check-up costs only £20.60. This includes:

  • A full dental examination with our dentist Dr Rikki Dhody
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Checking the jawbone joint for any problems
  • Full mouth and gum health check
  • As many xrays as required
  • Discussion of the findings with you
  • A personalised treatment plan developed for you.
  • Full consent for treatment being established
  • A clean and polish to maintain your gum health if required
  • Discussion of aesthetic options also if you are interested
  • All referral emails and letters where required

Aesthetic work such as braces, teeth whitening or veneers - The prices vary so much depending on what you can have and what you want, and then again depends on which option you want - call us and ask for a free consultation.

Can I spread the cost over time? Yes ! We offer interest-free credit over 12 months, but only when you spend £2000.

Invest in your smile

0% finance

0% Finance

We offer 0% finance on all treatments costing £2000 or more over a 12 month period.

Who is the finance for?

People over 18 years of age can apply for finance and it is subject to terms and conditions.

How much can I borrow and over how long?

We offer finance for treatments costing £2000 or more and it can be repayed over 6, 9, 11 or 12 months – with 0% interest.

Who provides finance?

Your finance will be provided by Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance.

How do I repay the loan?

You will repay the loan to Hitachi by means of monthly direct debit. You can make overpayments and settle the loan early without charge at anytime.

What type of loan will I have?

You will be offered a 0% interest free loan, which means you only pay for the cost of your treatment at 0% APR representative, we will be able to give you a written quotation of your monthly amounts.Book in now to get a quotation for yourself for the treatment you wish to have to have a perfect smile.


Dentures and Crowns

£244.30 per Denture

£244.30 per Crown


Re-cement crown - £20

Sandblasting -£26.00

Tooth shaping - £20

£56.30 per extraction

£104.00 surgical extraction or wisdom teeth

Composite Filling

£95.00 - £126.00 per filling

Root canal treatment

£263 -Anterior (front teeth)

£368 - Posterior (back teeth)

Bridges, Crowns & Veneers

£409 - £609 per unit.

£244.30 - basic crown - FGC (Full gold crown)

£409 -PFM (Porcelain fused to metal)

(On front teeth for bridges, on back teeth for crowns)

£509.00 -Emax

£609.00 -Zirconia

Hygienist (half an hour appointment)



Plastic = £244.30 per denture  

Metal = £619 per denture

Flexible Denture = £784 per denture

Additional Options Per Denture:

Special Tray = £27.00 each

Metal Clasps = £73.00 each  

White Clasps  = £125.00 each

High Impact Acrylic = £98.00 each

Soft Lining = £115.00 each

'Natura' Teeth = £73.00 each



At Home Whitening  = £304.00

In-surgery = £514.00



£30.00 per chip

Home Visits

Number of miles according to Google’s fastest route:

Up to 2 miles  - £75.00

2-3 miles - £90.00

3-4 miles - £95.00

4-5 miles - £105.00

5-6 miles - £110.00

6-7 miles - £120.00

7-8 miles - £125.00

8-9 miles - £130.00

9-10 miles - £135.00

This price does not include treatments, please contact reception for treatment costs.



£30.00-£200.00 or as quoted over the phone


Damon Q (upper or lower) £1500

Damon Q (full mouth) £2500

Damon Clear (ceramic) (upper or lower) £1750

Damon Clear (ceramic) (full mouth) £2750

Metal Braces (upper or lower) £2750 - £3000

Metal Braces (Full Mouth) £3250 - £3600

Ceramic, Tooth Coloured wires (upper or lower) £3150 - £3600

Ceramic tooth Coloured wires (full mouth) £3650 - £4200

Ceramic Upper and Metal Lower Braces £3450 - £4200

Invisalign® (upper or lower) £2500 - £4000

Invisalign® (full mouth) £3750 - £4200

Invisalign® i7 £1900 - £2200

Invisalign® Lite (upper or lower) £1750 - £3500

Invisalign® Lite (full mouth) £2350 - £3900

Incognito £5750 - £6500

Bonded Retainer (per arch) £174

Removable Retainer (per arch) £100

Free consultation for all kinds of braces

Copy of records:

Electronic only: £10.00

Paper and/or electronic £50.00