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At our dental practice in the West Midlands, we like to think we offer all of our patients the same level of care we’d want to receive if we were in the dentist’s chair ourselves.

Our extensive range of treatments, provided across the Birmingham and Walsall areas, covers everything from veneers, implants and braces, to whitening, mouthguards and home visits. We also offer emergency dental appointments and general dental checkups, and have extensive experience in dealing with nervous patients.

At our Walsall-based dental practice, we offer an all-round dental service covering every aspect of a patient’s oral health. This extends to keeping people well informed about various aspects of dentistry via our regularly updated dental blog.

It’s worth visiting our website often so that you can stay updated about dental issues, as well as what’s going on at our award-winning practice.

Our Dentistry Blog Posts

We write these blogs to inform patients and offer them advice about their oral health.

This means that patients are more educated about the procedures and treatments they might be considering, and can read about aspects of dental health at their leisure away from the practice. If our patients have any additional questions when they attend their appointment, we are happy to answer them. You can read our blog posts from the comfort of your own home, on your lunch break or during the commute to work.

We find that, in many cases, having as much information as possible to hand really helps put people’s minds at ease and assists in addressing any concerns they may have. What’s more, we aim to keep the blog as straightforward and easy to read as possible.

One of the issues we’ve already tackled in a previous blog post is mouth ulcers, including their causes, the various types of ulcers that people tend to get and how you can look after yourself if you have one.

We’ve also written about dental implants, explaining in detail what these are and what they are made from (did you know, for example, that dental implants actually date back to 600AD and Mayan civilisation, where pieces of shell, shaped like teeth, were used?) In the same blog post, we look at what dental implants can do for you and how we can help you finance yours with interest-free credit over a year-long period.

Keeping you informed about our practice

As mentioned, we use our blog to keep people informed about what is going on in our practice. For example, in June 2017, when we made it easier for patients to make appointments by introducing an online booking system, we announced it in a blog post to inform our patients — both new and returning.

This means not having to pick up the phone and call us to make an appointment, but simply logging on to see what time slots are available — a huge time-saver and convenience in our busy and hectic lives.

Just like reading our blog, this can be done anywhere and at any time. Just enter a few details and your next appointment at our West Midlands dentists really is just a few clicks away!

Family news

However, that’s not all we share. We also share occasional family news, such as the arrival of a baby or a trip to India to teach relatives about flossing. Talking of flossing, the best techniques for this vital part of your daily dental routine have also been discussed in — you guessed it — one of our blog posts.

If you’re worried about an annoying jaw ache or you’re considering a cosmetic procedure such as teeth straightening or Botox, a blog post could really help you determine the potential causes and whether it’s a problem your dentist can solve, or whether the treatment would suit you, before visiting our practice.

Even if your next dental checkup isn’t for a while, it pays to stay updated with the latest dental news. Check out our easy-to-read blog and see what we’ve been up to recently!

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