Upfront and Honest about Our Prices

Once you’ve had an initial chat with us, we’ll give you a fully costed personal plan. Here are the prices of some of our most popular treatments:

Price List 2018

Treatment Price
Check-up £21.60
Emergency Appointment  £10 – £30
Tooth Smoothing £10.00
Sandblasting £59.10
Simple – Complex £59.10 – £150
Composite (White) Filling
Per filling £95 – £129
Root Canal Treatment 
Anterior (front teeth) £277
Posterior (back teeth) £387 – £487
6’s – 7s onwards £110
Re-root Filling £100 (extra)
Bridges, Crowns & Veneers Per Unit
FGC (Full Gold Crown) £256.50
PFM (Porcelain fused to metal) £429
(On front teeth for bridges, on back teeth for crowns)
Emax £529
Zirconia £629
Hygienist (30 minute appointment) £55
Perio-chip £32.50 per chip
Plastic (per denture) £256.50
Metal (per denture)  £649
Flexible (per denture) £789
Additional Options Per Denture
Special Tray £30 each
Metal Clasps £76.50 each
White Clasps  £131.25 each
High Impact Acrylic  £98 each 
Soft Lining  £115 each 
Enigma Life Teeth (more natural looking) (Anterior/Posterior only)  £73 each
Dental Implant
Single Implant  £1999 – £2499
Denture Stabilisation  From £4999
Multiple Teeth Replacement with Bridge From £15999
At Home Whitening  £319
In-surgery  £539
Youth White  £319
Bright White £478
Hollywood White  £638

Free consultation for all types of braces. 

Prices per arch: 

Clear Smile Inman Aligner  £1855
Clear Smile Aligner (Like ‘Invisalign’)  £2105
Clear Smile Brace £2355
Bonded Retainer   £179
Removable Retainer  £105

*Prices are subject to change every 1st April.

How Much Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry prices are the same as our standard price list during working hours. If the work is done outside normal working hours, it may be slightly more expensive. We will give you a quote over the phone so you can be clear about the cost before booking.


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