The Dentist Walsall is proud to provide a home dentistry service for our clients located within 10 miles of our practice in Walsall.

We can offer dental care at your residence if you are homebound or find it difficult to attend our practice. There are a wide variety of procedures we can carry out in the comfort of your own home. We pride ourselves on offering a high standard of care and ensure that our clients receive the care that they need, whether at our surgery or at home.

Dentists Home Visits in the West Midlands

While we can’t bring the whole surgery to you, there are a large number of treatments that our dental practice in the West Midlands can deliver. We can make dentures, perform extractions, and offer many different types of consultation — such as a general checkup — all without you having to leave the house. Whether in your living room or bedroom, we agree on a comfortable location within your home and ensure that the experience is as hassle-free as possible.

Dentist PaitentWhat Don’t We Offer?

Due to practical limitations, there are some procedures we are unable to carry out. These include bridges, crowns, implants and fillings. These treatments rely on the specialist dental equipment we use in our practice and, for health and safety reasons, we are not able to transport equipment to patients’ homes.

How Much Do Home Visits in the West Midlands Cost?

The Dentist Walsall’s home dentistry service strives to offer fair pricing that is competitive when compared to market rates. The rates for our home dentistry service are calculated according to the distance of a patient’s home from our practice.

Our rates are:
Up to 2 miles: £99
2-3 miles: £119
3-4 miles: £139
4-5 miles: £159
5-6 miles: £179
6-7 miles: £199
7-8 miles: £219
8-9 miles: £239
9-10 miles: £259

Home Visits over Ten Miles Away

Due to logistical reasons, we regret that we are not able to offer home visits to patients whose home is more than ten miles away from our practice. We advise that, where possible, patients arrange transport to and from The Dentist Walsall practice in order to receive the care they require.

Discounted Rates

The Dentist Walsall is able to offer discounts for multi-patient visits. Discounts can also apply to visits to nursing homes and other properties with multiple residents. Please contact us for more details on discounted rates for our home dentistry service.

Treatment fees are separate from the home dentistry service fee. Prices for the home dentistry visit including treatment costs are quoted per visit.

The number of visits needed will depend on the level of treatment you need. For example, fitting dentures could take up to two appointments, while extractions can typically be done in one visit. Please contact us to learn more about the expected timelines and treatment costs for procedures.

Are you looking for a home dentist? Our friendly team is waiting to hear from you. Give us a call on 01922 624900 or send us a message at, where we’ll be able to discuss what you need. We can then advise you on the best course of action.

We believe that our patients deserve healthy and beautiful smiles for life

At The Dentist Walsall, we understand the anxieties surrounding dentistry.

Because of this, we place a lot of our effort in making your dental experience as calming as possible. While we place focus on comfort and accessibility, our aim is to make your experience the best it can be. If you kindly inform us beforehand, we can put extra measures in place to help ease your nerves.

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