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Damon Q braces

What are Damon Q braces?

Damon Q braces are self ligating appliances, they are fitted like traditional metal braces. The  brackets do not need to be tightened and adjusted they use a slide mechanism which attaches to the wires and moves naturally with the teeth to re-position them – low friction mechanics. This type of brace is fast, precise and effective at moving teeth.

We offer metal Damon Q braces which is the picture on the left or we can also offer the ceramic Damon Q braces as shown in the picture on the right. The ceramic braces are less noticeable as the brackets are tooth coloured rather than  metal.

How long do they take to work?

Damon Q braces offer roughly 6 months shorter treatment time (as studies show) and fewer visits for appointments than traditional metal braces.

Who can have Damon Q braces?

Damon Q braces are available to virtually all candidates. Come along for a free consultation


We offer 0% interest free credit* on treatments £2000 or above!

Come along for your free consultation and ask at reception for details about our finance option!


* Interest free credit is subject to terms and conditions.


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