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A mouth guard is a rubber-like covering that fits over the teeth, to help protect the teeth and gums either while sleeping to protect against grinding or for wear during sports such as rugby, boxing, football, horse riding.

Steps to having a custom made guard:

  1. At your first appointment the dentist will have a chat with you and see what type of guard is required, whether it be a night guard for grinding or a mouth guard for sports etc. Impressions of your teeth will be taken. These impressions will be sent to the lab for the making of the guard.
  2. Your second appointment will be 1 week later, for the fit of the guard and the dentist can check the mouth guard fits to his standards and that you are happy with it.

Night guard

A night guard is to protect your teeth from clenching and grinding. It is worn during during periods of sleep. The materials used is not thick but it is strong enough to serve its function. Night guards cost £244.30 (correct as of Feb 2017) and can be made hard or soft.

Sports guard

A sports guard is often worn by people who participate in some type of sport such as rugby, boxing, horse riding. A custom made mouth guard helps protect being damaged from a physical blow to the face. This type of guard is usually made with a thicker material and is made to extend the entire jaw, and even the gums so all the mouth can be protected.

We offer a range of guards ranging in price from £120.00 - £160.00

Our mouth guards are available in a range of standard colours, giving you the option of choosing your favourite colour or team colours. Please note some colours are only available in certain thicknesses. Dr Dhody will advise you accordingly on your age and sport for which thickness is best for you.

Multiple colour stripes you can select a combination of standard colours in the same thickness including clear and design your own striped mouth guard. The colour combinations illustrated are for display purposes only. Any colour combination can be chosen along with the thickness of stripes.


Impress your team mates and opponents, with one of our special designs. Colours can be substituted for an alternative colour within our standard range.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, why not customize your guard using one of our decals, your club emblem or design your own (artwork must be supplied). The decals can be applied to any of our clear, coloured, striped or special mouth guards.

Once you have chosen your design from the extensive range, make an appointment with Dr Dhody to discuss your requirements further. We will be happy to make you a mouth guard that fits your mouth exactly and protects your teeth and gums.  Dr Dhody will take an impression of your mouth and will also recommend type and thickness of mouth guard for the sports and type of activity you participate in. Your mouth guard will then be made by a qualified dental technician using the latest technology  to ensure a perfect fit.

Please note that no mouth guard can offer complete protection against injury, however a custom made mouth guard can significantly reduce the risk or extent of damage.

How to clean my mouth guard?

When you are not using your mouth guard wash it with clean, luke warm water and dry thoroughly. Store them in the container they were given to you in and keep them in a col, dry place.

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