New years resolution 2017!

New year’s resolution for 2017!

Come and see the dentist, and get expert advice for your pearly whites.

Top 8 myths about cosmetic dentistry!!!

Teeth whitening damages teeth

Teeth whitening does not damage your teeth as long as a qualified Dental practitioner advises you on the correct procedure and supplies the teeth whitening gels, as they will be from a reputable company. Your Dentist should always give you a full check up before any teeth whitening gels are applied to the teeth.


Teeth whitening doesn’t work

If you’ve tried a salon or ‘do your own’ teeth whitening you’ve probably been disappointed with the result. Teeth whitening works really well when it is done properly. In fact we can guarantee our results: on our free consultation we will show you, based on experience, what you can expect to achieve, and we can guarantee that you’ll meet it.

There’s no point in whitening my teeth as I smoke and drink coffee

We love ‘at home’ tooth whitening as it picks off stains off your teeth and can be topped up at will. Our staff who whiten their teeth often ‘top it up’ once or twice before a social function of wedding so that they get that picture perfect smile, everytime.

I’m too old for teeth straightening

More and more adults are opting to have their teeth straightened. We offer free consultations with the Orthodontist, come along and see what can be done for your teeth. We offer 0% Finance on treatments over £2000.00.


Smile makeovers are out of my budget

We can improve your smile from as little as £233.70 – crowns and veneers can make a big improvement to the way you feel about your smile.


If veneers and crowns take a week to be made what happens to my tooth in the meantime?

We always make temporary crowns and veneers and will plan your treatment with you so that you never have to go with a gap or bad looking smile for a week.      

Iv got really bad teeth and rather embarrassed to show the dentist

Our job is to serve you, not to judge you. Whatever you have, we have seen worse. Tell us how you feel and we promise to work with you to find a solution that you are happy with.

I haven’t got time to keep coming to appointments

We have evening appointments available, free parking and easy accessibility, so that time can’t be an excuse anymore. We can even see you in the night or at weekends for emergency treatment, so you know that you’ll be looked after.

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