Refer your patients with confidence at The Dentist

 Patients are treated as private patients on a referral basis only.

At The Dentist we welcome walk in referrals and self referrals as well as dentist referrals.

If you’re looking to self refer or if you’re a dentist looking to refer a patient to one of The Dentistexperts, please use our online referral form below.


Restorative Referrals

To download PDF:

Restorative Referral form


By referring patients with endodontic problems, you will give us the opportunity to provide the best outcome prior to restoration. We will treat your patients and return them to your care. With the ever-increasing patient expectations and litigation cases arising for dentists, you can be reassured that you are providing your patient with the best endodontic care available to them.

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Endodontic Referral Form


We are happy to accept patients for consultation and treatments ranging from single and multiple tooth replacement to implant retained full dentures.

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Implant Referral Form


Many General Dental Practitioners will refer patients if they have impacted wisdom teeth or broken down teeth. The procedure to remove wisdom teeth that are impacted is often made difficult because they lie close to vital facial nerves and broken teeth can be very difficult to remove. The majority of straightforward oral surgery procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic or sometimes with sedation.


To download PDF:

Oral Surgery Referral Form


Dental Hygienists provide scale and polish treatments to ensure your teeth are thoroughly clean. If appropriate, they can apply preventative treatments to help keep your teeth strong. Some of the treatments available include the following:

  • Scale and Polish treatments
  • Applying preventative treatments to help keep your teeth strong
  • Treatment of gum disease

To download PDF:

Hygienist Referral Form


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