What does a Dental hygienist do?

What Does A Hygienist Do?

A Hygienist is someone who specialises in the promotion of clean and healthy teeth and gums for the preservation of dental health.

Not all dental practices will have a hygienist in their surgery so it’s best to check with your dentist if they have this option available.

At The Dentist we have a hygienist who comes in every Wednesday between the hours of 4pm – 8pm. Our hygienist appointments last 30 minutes and the typical treatments involved are:

  • A thorough deep clean of the teeth and surrounding gums.
  • Advise on good oral hygiene techniques that can help to improve and prevent bad oral hygiene.
  • Advise on products that are available on the market that aid good oral hygiene, for example: Interdental Brushes, that help to remove the tiny food particles and plaque build up, that can be lodged between the gaps of your teeth.

For people who suffer from severe gum disease the Hygienist may advise you to get a Perio-Chip inserted, which is new modern prevention treatment that can help reduce dental pocketing and gum disease.




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