Dental glues and cement are used for attaching veneers. More importantly regular glue is toxic, so it’s definitely not a good idea to use it in your mouth, where you’ll inevitably swallow some. Never try to reattach your veneer yourself!

A lot of people use it thinking it will hold, but the problem is that it holds too well. If the veneer is put on incorrectly and your bite is wrong, you are likely to damage it or traumatise the tooth, which could certainly cause you to wind up in an emergency situation for the wrong reason. You’re also likely to get a poor seal on it, which will allow bacteria to get in underneath the veneer and flourish, which will lead to decay.

Plus, Super Glue forms an incredibly tough bond, which will make it very difficult for an  removal later. The process could traumatise the tooth, and it’s also highly-likely to break the veneer.