Teeth Whitening

Do you have stains on your teeth?

Stains can be caused through smoking, drinking tea, coffee, red wine and eating curries. Black currents can all cause stains and that’s just to name a few.

To get a brighter and whiter smile

We offer teeth whitening either in surgery or at home. We offer free consultations.

In surgery.

We offer teeth whitening in surgery in as little as 1 hour. This is know as ‘laser whitening.’ Our dentist will paint whitening gel onto your teeth and then hold a blue light which activates the whitening effects.

This method of teeth whitening offers quicker results which are almost immediately, but may lead to sensitivity.

At home.

We offer at home teeth whitening where our dentist will fit you with special teeth whitening trays which are tailor made specifically for your teeth. We will supply you with the teeth whitening gel to add to your trays which should be worn for an hour a day, for 2 weeks.  

This method of teeth whitening causes less sensitivity and gives better results. If the process needs to be repeated after a few years, you can re- use the whitening trays our dentist fitted for you.

If any sensitivity occurs you can use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth example sensodyne. Teeth whitening is not offered on the NHS as it comes under cosmetic dentistry.

Only dentists are licensed to whiten teeth.

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