What to do after an extraction!

What to do after having a Tooth Extraction!

Once you have a tooth removed your please follow the below steps:

*Limit excercise and take it easy.

* Try to keep your head up straight to avoid excess bleeding.

*Until anaesthetic has worn off try and avoid eating and drinking hot food and drinks as you will still be numb so there is a chance you may scold yourself.

*After 24 hours, rinse your mouth regularly with salt water rinses.

* You still need to brush your teeth twice daily, just be careful around the extraction area.

*You can take painkillers but avoid ASPIRIN based tablets as aspirin thins the blood and may cause excessive bleeding.

*If you are still in pain, after a few days of the extraction make a dental appointment as you may have an infection, known as dry socket. (Which is rather common)


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