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What causes mouth ulcers? Most minor, single mouth ulcers are often caused through mechanical injury for example biting your cheek, not brushing correctly or could be caused through a sharp tooth or filling.  Re-current mouth ulcers can be a sign of an underlying medical problems such as iron or vitamin B12 defiency, crohns disease. Hormonal […]

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made from aluminium, cone shaped screw. This is placed into the jawbone to support one or more teeth. Dental implants have been dated back to 600 AD Mayan civilisation, where tooth shaped pieces of shell was used.     Dental implants can restore dental aesthetics, restore lost […]

  We have made it even easier for you to make an appointment. You can now book online, just follow the steps and you can see what appointments we have available for you. This can be done in the comfort of your own home, on your lunch break or in between watching your favourite television […]

What are Damon Q braces? Damon Q braces are self ligating appliances, they are fitted like traditional metal braces. The  brackets do not need to be tightened and adjusted they use a slide mechanism which attaches to the wires and moves naturally with the teeth to re-position them – low friction mechanics. This type of […]

We would like to announce the safe arrival of little Miss Dhody! Little Miss made her grand entrance on 05/06/2017  

A 6 unit PFM (porcelain fused metal) bridge.   This patient came into the surgery for an examination. During the examination Dr Dhody’s findings was not great the patient had 2 retained roots which were unrestorable and a veneer that was missing.   The patient wasn’t happy with his teeth or his smile. He asked […]

Ancient Dental Implants   Dental implants have been tried in all different cultures over many, many years with varying designs and materials used. Dental implants are a little more advanced nowadays but they can be dated back to Ancient Chinese civilisation around 4000 years ago. Ancient Chinese used bamboo which they shaped into pegs to […]

nhs systems affected by wannacry

Happy to say that our systems were NOT affected by ‘Wannacry’.  All patient data and systems running fine and up to date.

Went to India for a week… But this is no reason for the Oral Health Education to stop ! Away from the dental practice, in Walsall…. Your international dentist Rikki Dhody teaches flossing technique to relatives in India – it’s first time that they have ever flossed their teeth ! Learn more about how to […]

After dental bridge pfm

Case study: replacing a front missing tooth with a bridge This patient had a tooth which had been damaged after an accident / trauma which could not be saved. We discussed options to replace the missing tooth and the patient opted for a bridge as it was the most comfortable and aesthetic option that suited […]