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Our Implants Come with a 5-Year Guarantee

Our dental implants have a 5-year guarantee, backed up by an insurance policy. Have a chat with us to find out more.

Why Dental Implants ?

Dental implants are just one way to get the smile you want. There are so many advantages to choosing them:

  • They give you the same stability of your natural teeth and look just like them, only upgraded.
  • They’re easy to look after, as you clean them the same way you clean your teeth by brushing. You don’t have to take them out at night to soak.
  • Implants don’t rely on your teeth to keep them in place, so rest assured nearby teeth won’t have to be drilled to fit them.
  • Another great thing about implants is that they stop nearby teeth from shifting. This means your face and jaw will stay in place as you age, giving you that fresh and youthful look.
  • You can chew and speak easily with implants, and they will give you a serious confidence boost if dental issues made this harder before.
  • They have one of the highest success rates of all dental treatments when done correctly and with care. Dental implants are made to last.

What Are the Other Options?

If you don’t fancy dental implants then don’t worry, there are some other options that could still give you the results you want. We can fit up to six unit bridges as this has a good success rate. Alternatively, dentures could the perfect solution. As well as traditional plastic dentures we have Co-cr dentures and flexidentures that can be more comfortable and fit better.

When you come in and have a chat with us we’ll tell you about all of the different options including bridges and dentures.

Want to know more about dental implants? Give us a ring on 01922 624900 to arrange a free consultation. We’ll help you work out if implants are right for you. If not, we’ll tell you about all the other options that could work for you. We can also explain the different types available and talk about possible payment plans, including interest-free credit.


No treatment Advantages:
– No cost, no treatment
No treatment Disadvantages:
– Teeth adjacent and opposite may move and tilt, affecting the way you bite.
– More pressure on the other teeth when eating, potentially causing overloading
– Difficulty eating
– Aesthetically displeasing.

Removable dentures: Advantages:
– Completed in a few weeks
– Unlikely to need surgery
– Low cost
Removable dentures: Disadvantages:
– Maybe unstable
– Sometimes cannot be tolerated
– Needs to be removed every night and reinserted every morning
– Accumulates plaque or food more easily
– Does not prevent bone loss.

Fixed bridges: Advantages:
– Completed in a few visits
– Unlikely to need surgery
– Teeth are fixed and immovable
Fixed bridges: Disadvantages:
– May require cutting healthy teeth
– If the supporting tooth is compromised the entire bridge will need to be discarded.
– Does not prevent bone loss

Implants: Advantages:
– Teeth are fixed and do not move
– No chance of further dental decay
– Does not require cutting into healthy teeth
– Prevents bone loss
Implants: Disadvantages:
– Prolonged treatment time
– Requires surgery

Everybody is different.

The important thing is to get a careful assessment done to see what benefits and disadvantages Dental Implants offer compared to the other treatments available.

Take the first step and ask us for a no – obligation free consultation with our treatment co-ordinator.

Proven safe and effective at replacing missing teeth, contemporary dental implants have been in use for more than 30 years.

Dental implants are typically made of titanium, a biocompatible material that is accepted by the body and serves as a strong and sturdy foundation for replacement teeth. Your natural bone locks the implant into place by fusing, or attaching itself, to the implant. This process, known as osseointegration, gives teeth replaced using implants the stability and strength to support replacement teeth, withstand daily use, and function like regular teeth.

Dental implant surgery is one of the safest and most predictable procedures in dentistry when performed by a trained and experienced dental implant dentist. A dental implant is the strongest device available to support replacement teeth, and it allows your replacement teeth to feel, look and work naturally. In addition, dental implants are the only restoration method that stimulates your natural bone underneath the missing tooth, just like your natural teeth do.

One of the most important parts of the surgical procedure is what is referred to as “site preparation.” A relatively small channel, a hole actually, is prepared in the bone. This is referred to as an osteotomy. Small incisions into the gum tissue are used to access the bone thereby creating small “flaps” as they are called (like flaps on an envelope), to allow visualization of the bone’s shape and location.

If a surgical template or guide has been made, it will be placed in the mouth, and the osteotomy sites prepared through it to ensure accurate positioning of the implants. A drilling sequence is used that progressively increases the size of the site until it mirrors the implant shape exactly to ensure the necessary precision fit. Sometimes implants can be placed without flaps or incisions if there is a guarantee that the osteotomies can be made in exactly the right place, which requires good bone quality and accurate surgical guides.

The drilling procedure is critical to implant success, to ensure the implants “take” by fusing to the bone. Living bone tissue requires very careful handling, using gentle pressure and generous water-cooling so that it is not damaged by overheating, which can lead to bone loss where it is needed most — in direct contact with the implant surfaces. Mild vibration is associated with the bone preparation process and may be noticeable but is invariably well tolerated.

The next step is to place the implants straight into the sites so that the healing process can begin, this is called IMMEDIATE PLACING. Dental implants are sterile and it is critically important that their surfaces are untouched. The implants go from their sterile packaging into the osteotomy sites. Radiographs (x-ray pictures) are generally taken during or after the procedure to verify correct implant positioning.

The surgical procedure ends with closure of the gum flap tissues. Often, sutures (stitches) are used that are self-absorbing and therefore do not need to be removed. Other types that are not self-absorbing need to be removed in a week or two.

All of the surgery may sound painful, but you’ll be comforted to know that whilst having the surgery you will not feel any pain or discomfort.

You’ll have surface anaesthetic spray placed on the area first. This will freeze the gum before you have the local anaesthetic. You might only feel the initial injections, which is the same as for any dental treatment. Usually a local anesthetic is used, which means you are awake during the surgery. Placing a dental Implant is less traumatic than taking a tooth out, as it requires less pressure.  It is a high precision surgical procedure. When the gums are properly frozen (we test for this before the procedure starts) we place your implant(s) so you won’t feel any pain whatsoever.

You shouldn’t feel any pain during the surgery. After the surgery, we give you advice on pain relief and can provide antibiotics if required. The healing process is often comfortable, unless the site gets infected. Again, it is similar to having a tooth out. You may feel swollen and tender but this will settle down within a week of having surgery. You will be given full written instructions covering all the information you need before, during the healing stage and afterwards.

In this way, you will know exactly what to expect. You will be seen a week after the treatment to remove the stitches (no injections required) and then followed up regularly to check that the healing is progressing well before the implant is ready to have a crown or a bridge attached to it. This normally takes around one to five months.

Each person is different. Take the first step and book in for assessment to see how easy or complex your need is.

We use Nobel Biocare

Exceptional versatility and simplicity.
Only one implant system – no matter if you’re placing implants in the anterior or posterior region, or treating single tooth, multiple-teeth or full-arch restorations. This keeps treatment simple, and having international support, it means that dentists all over the world can maintain and look after your implants.

The well-documented implant body is designed for universal use in all bone qualities and a wide range of indications.

Engineered for Immediate Function
The surgical protocol in combination with the implant design (TiUnite surface, threads from tip to platform and the tapered apex) are all designed to provide high primary stability and support the Immediate Function protocol.

The NobelParallel Conical Connection apex design also allows for bi-cortical anchorage to obtain high primary stability in cases of reduced bone density.

Straight-forward drill protocol with option of under-preparation in soft bone situations for increased primary stability

Efficient treatment flow
A limited number of drills ensures a straightforward surgical protocol that can be flexibly used in different bone densities.

The cement-free NobelProcera ASC Abutment offers up to 25° angulation of the screw access for higher esthetics

Access to innovative restorative solutions
Take advantage of innovative solutions available only for Nobel Biocare’s conical connection. These include the cement-free NobelProcera ASC (angulated screw channel) Abutment and the NobelProcera FCZ (full-contour zirconia) Implant Crown.

Strong internal conical connection

The advanced internal conical connection with hexagonal interlocking offers high mechanical strength.

Enhanced osseointegration
Unique oxidized TiUnite surface with grooves maintains implant stability through fast bone formation and promotes long-term success.

Everybody is different, so it is impossible to provide an exact price until we meet you. Therefore it is best to come for a free consultation to get a better idea. We can offer after work appointments with Dr Rikki Dhody or our treatment co-ordinator.

As a guide, dental implants costs work out at £167 per month for 12 months on interest free credit. This includes :

  • your initial consultation,
  • all of your xrays,
  • taking impressions of your teeth and making replica models of your teeth by our Lab technician.
  • making a custom made surgical guide which is used to guide the implant into the correct place with maximum accuracy.
  • placement of the implant.
  • making and fitting the custom made crown on top of the implant made of top of the range aesthetic material – Zirconia.
  • all antibiotics that you may need.
  • all review and adjustment appointments which may be need to fine tune the crown for a best aesthetic result is all included.

Free no-obligation consultations for your Dental Implants

Come along and have a consultation with Dr Rikki Dhody or book into see our treatment co-ordinator Ana Kukreja to discuss your treatment options.

You will not be pressured or forced into treatment you will be given a fair and honest summary of what treatment would be needed and what the treatment would involve.

At our practice, there are two options available to you to get comprehensive professional dental advice:

1) Initial consultation Treatment Co-ordinator

We offer a free consultation with our our friendly and professional treatment co-ordinator (TCO) Ana Kukreja. At this visit, you will discuss your dental needs with her, and she can give you general advice and information. If you are interested in going ahead with treatment and would like to exactly plan the treatment, including taking impressions, then you will need to book the full and comprehensive dental examination with the principal dentist, Dr. Rikki Dhody. You will be given information regarding implants and you will have a chance to ask any questions you have at this appointment.

2) Treatment planning  with our Dentist

Book a dental examination with the principal dentist, Dr. Rikki Dhody where a full and comprehensive dental examination is carried out. This also includes all investigations, x-rays and study models, as required. It does not include any CT Scan that may be required in some cases, which costs £100 per jaw (top jaw or bottom jaw or both).

The fee for this comprehensive dental examination is only £50 per implant planned. It includes models to assess how your teeth should look like after the implant placement, to assist in the positioning and placement of the implants. No proper dental treatment, implants or otherwise, can or should be carried out without this comprehensive dental examination. It covers everything to do with your dental health.

After a full dental examination is carried out, we discuss the options that you have regarding the missing teeth or tooth including non-implant options.

In some situations, implants are not the only or best option available to you for fixed teeth. Once the pros and cons of each option are discussed with you, you have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. You will be advised as to what is the best and most appropriate option in your particular case and why. If you decide at this visit to go ahead with your chosen option, then the fees are discussed, and you will normally book your treatment appointment.

Sometimes you may want to think about your options. In this situation, another appointment is booked when you can tell us how you wish to proceed. Your best interest is paramount to us. There is no hard sell or pressure to choose one option or the other or any treatment whatsoever, for that matter! You have to feel 100% comfortable with your dentist and your decision to proceed with any treatment.

Once you have been given all the available options and the pros and cons of each, you can make an informed decision and informed consent as to what is appropriate for you and your circumstances.

We can place implants from start to finish in a day !

However, most commonly the appointments are planned as follows. The time between each appointment depends on you, how quickly you want the implants and the clinical situation for you.

Appointment 1:
Checking that Implants is right for you
Assessing the complexity of Implants, including assessment of bone.
Xrays if required

Appointment 2:
Diagnostic Wax up – A physical model of what we want your teeth to look like at the end of treatment, to help us agree on what you want your teeth to look like, and to help us plan accurately a strategy to achieve it.
Radiographic Stent made – A guide which allows an xray to visualise where the implant should be, and the amount and quality of bone in relation to this.

Appointment 3:
CT-scan if required to assess bone location, quality and location of vital structures such as nerves and arteries

Appointment 4:

Placement of the implants

Appointment 5:

Shaping of the gum, using a temporary crown if required.

Appointment 6:

Impression of the implant

Appointment 7:

Try-in of the final crown

Appointment 8:

Fitting of the final crown

We believe that our patients deserve healthy and beautiful smiles for life

At The Dentist Walsall, we understand the anxieties surrounding dentistry.

Because of this, we place a lot of our effort in making your dental experience as calming as possible. While we place focus on comfort and accessibility, our aim is to make your experience the best it can be. If you kindly inform us beforehand, we can put extra measures in place to help ease your nerves.

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