Implants can and do fracture most where the superstructure screws onto the part of the bone. For this reason many implantologists are conscious if fitting them on people who brux or grind their teeth. Because the implant gives a little feedback they can chew really hard with no pain until the implant fractures.

Implantologists will have assessed this along with other factors when seeing if you are suitable for an implant. Defiantly replacing one tooth is very successful, but it is not fit and forget. The superstructure will need replacing at some point and can become loose and need re-cementing. Making sure you are scrupulous about cleaning around the implant and be aware that if anything needs doing to it you will have to return to the original implantologist, as another dentist will not be willing to touch it as they become jointly liable for it. It’s a good reason to have the implantologist within easy travelling distance because even the best planned and implemented implant treatment can go wrong.

Top Five Dental Companies

After you’ve found a reliable, experienced dentist, you can look into the best dental implant manufacturers. 

Here are the top five companies to look at:


straumann dental implant company logoIf your looking for something that is reliable and resourceful Straumann has the options for surgical, restorative and regenerative products such as implants, tissue regeneration products and many more in this industry. They are the top research clinics in the country. 

Nobel Biocare (Danaher)

nobel biocare dental implant company logo


Nobel Biocare are the youngest but still the best. The renowned Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark company which first started partnership in 1978, between Swedish company Bofors customised prosthetic and implants in which they specialise in. 

Dental implants development and evolution Professor Brånemark was instrumental in. In the discovery of where the implant fuses to the bone in the process of what is called osseointegration. In the discovery of the capitalising in which the company was structured around. 

Designing prosthetics is used when they sell software and scanners, to focus on implants and their related parts. 

Dentsply Sirona 

dentsply sirona dental implant company logoDentsply Sirona, a younger company even manufactures products for dental implants and dental equipment in general. They have factories in 21 countries in which more than 120 countries have these products sold being a market leader in “consumable dental products”. In these products they include tooth polishers, prophylaxis (for use in gum disease prevention) and anesthetics.


Zimmer Biomet

zimmer biomet dental implant company logo 

Zimmer Biomet is by no means irrelevant than Straumann, Zimmer Biomet has much older roots. Zimmer Biomet which was formed in 1927, has come together with Biomet to create Zimmer Biomet. They make bone craft materials, regenerative materials, dental implants and many other things. 

They are trustworthy as they are experienced in making these products.



biohorizons dental implant company logoBioHorizons which started in 1994 is one of the youngest dental industry companies from these top five, but don’t despise them for their youth. After people from the University of Alabama in Birmingham conducted thorough research they formed.

Thorough scientific they are known and respected in making high-quality, innovative dental products.

Other Reliable Dental Implant Companies

Of course, these aren’t the only companies you can trust with your dental implant needs. Other reliable manufacturers of dental products include Alpha Bio, Euro Teknika and Bego.