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When you have a dental emergency you can't wait to be seen ! Perhaps you need an appointment after work or as soon as possible.

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Why The Dentist

You are in Safe, experienced hands

Rikki Dhody Dentist
  • When you come to The Dentist for an emergency appointment you will be seen by our dentist Dr Rikki Dhody. He is the founder and owner of the dental practice. With over 8 years of experience of emergency dental care, he is ready for anything.
  • Experienced in dealing with nervous patients
  • Fair prices, allowing Dr Rikki Dhody to do proper treatment with a view to maximise success rates.
  • Particular focus on extractions. Dr Rikki Dhody places implants and performs oral surgery, making extractions a most basic and reliable treatment option.

Instant diagnosis and immediate treatment

Digital Xray
  • High precision, safe, top of the range Xray and other diagnostic equipment used for accurate and fast diagnosis.
  • Particularly focus on root fillings, using modern techniques (Nickel Titanium files, rather than stainless steel files used to maximum success rate and remove pain as soon as possible)
  • We always carry out treatment straight away, if that's what you want.

Proper Dentistry

  • The practice is built on providing the best possible experience and 'proper treatment', taking extra time and attention to detail, to aid solve your toothache as quickly as possible.
  • We are not target driven, and our prices are fair, allowing us to focus on providing the best option that's right for you.
  • Often treats patients that other dentists only offered antibiotics, or referred to hospital.
  • Avoids doing temporary 'patch' jobs wherever possible, unless that is what the patient wants.
  • Focus on making treatment painless for patients, other than the injections, which makes for a relaxing experience.

We are here to serve you

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  • We are not target driven - your satisfaction is our end goal.
  • You should have a relaxing and enjoyable experience at The Dentist
  • You should feel completely in control, regarding your treatment.
  • You will be fully explained that all of the options and risks of treatment that are available to you, and we will respect your decision.
  • No-one wants to feel pain, so we have the experience and know how to make sure that you won't feel pain during treatment. If you ever feel uncomfortable, we stop and sort the issue before carrying on.

FAQs ?

Case studies

1. Gum abscess


A gum abscess is usually caused by an infection possibly through food trapped between the teeth. An abscess will not go away on its own, antibiotics will be needed to fight the infection.

Symptoms of a gum abscess

  • A throbbing or stabbing pain that will not subside
  • Area may be sensitive whilst chewing food
  • Difficulty when brushing your teeth
  • High temperature alongside painful swollowing
  • Pressure in the sinuses

Seeking dental treatment as soon as you can for treatment will be in your favour. Whilst waiting for your dental appointment, to help relieve your symptoms mix half a teaspoon of salt into an 8 ounce glass of warm water. Repeat this several times a day.

When you see Dr Dhody he will assess the area of concern and give you a diagnosis and he will advise on a treatment plan depending on his findings. You may require antibiotics, one maybe 2 different antibiotics may be required depending on the severity of the infection. Once the infection has cleared you may also require a root canal filling or extraction if the tooth is un-restorable


2. Broken tooth

broken tooth

Having a broken tooth is a very common situation.

A patient comes with a broken tooth that they broke around 2-3 months ago but didn't see a dentist due to it not causing pain. Now 3 months down the line the same tooth is causing excruciating pain that is throbbing and lasts a while. He's been taking painkillers, but they no longer make any difference.

The patient wanted to have the tooth pulled out, Dr Dhody discussed with the patient ways to restore the tooth such as a root canal filling which the patient immediately declined as he had a terrible dental experience with a previous dentist whilst having this treatment carried out, he was very scared at the thought of it as the pain he experienced during and after.

Dr Dhody sat down with the patient and discussed in depth the procedure and what to expect - a root canal filling is completed over 2 appointments, 1st appointment you will have an injection to numb the area and then a small hole will be drilled into the biting surface of the root, the pulp inside of the tooth will be cleaned out using tools and appliances. Antibiotics will be then placed into the tooth and a temporary filling material will be used to fill the tooth.

The 2nd appointment Dr Dhody will remove the temporary filling, more cleaning of the canals will be done and then a permanent filling material will be placed into the canals ready for the tooth to be shaped for the crown.

After feeling reassured and confident that Dr Dhody could complete this procedure with very little discomfort, the patient decided to go ahead and save the tooth and agreed he wanted to have a root canal filling.

This patient was very pleased with the treatment that was completed here and he now attends the surgery for his regular 6 month check ups.

Case Studies: Root filling

Case Studies: Root Filling

A patient came in on the 3rd October 2017 complaining of pain radiating to the head. The dentist then took a look inside the mouth and found a lot of decay on the 4th upper tooth. The dentist opted to take an x ray which showed the bacteria had gone down to the nerve. So the patient then needed to have a root filing procedure. This will take 2 appointments. The first appointment will be the start of the root canal procedure, where the dentist will clean out the bacteria from the inner tooth removing the pulp. The second will be to fill back the tooth with files replacing the pulp.




After suffering for days with a broken tooth and abscess wear the pain was just unbearable I rang up at 8pm and was told to come in at 11.30pm when I got there the dentist opened up the shop and from start to finish he was reassuring and very very patient he’s actually a really nice dentist that didn’t rush me even tho it was a Friday night he was gentle and gave lots of information you hear horror story’s of emergency dentists but it really isn’t the case hear my husband has been quite a few times and it’s been consistent with care levels so for me in that hour of need from suffering for days the tooth was out and I was so glad highly recommend for anxious patients as I no what that feels like 🙂

Kelly Green, Birmingham (attended the emergency dentist Birmingham)

Had severe toothache that kept me awake for 3 nights. Phoned in and was booked in for an appointment on the same day. All staff were very friendly and welcoming. This was my first experience of having a tooth taken out and Dr Dhody was very professional and I felt no pain at all. The surgery has a homey feel to it which takes the pressure of those who may feel nervous in a dentist chair. I strongly recommend this practice for anyone who needs emergency treatment or for a general check up. 

Stefan Wedderburn, Walsall (attended the emergency dentist Walsall)

Went here for an emergency tooth extraction and both the receptionist and dentist were so friendly and put me at ease. 

Bethaney Stone via Facebook

The best.
I been there for emergency.
They check it and they take it out. I didn`t feel nothing… no pain.
The best dentist I ever been .
I recommend it.😀😀😀 

Catalina Otoiu via Google

Couldn`t fault the practice. I was in absolute agony and I was seen within 3 hours of calling them on a Sat afternoon. The staff were very friendly and polite and the dentist explained what treatment was needed and why , the treatment itself was painless.
Thank you 

Carl Horton via Google

Having found I had a cracked tooth I contacted The dentist and was booked in within hours.. lovely friendly receptionist .. all my options were explained and cracked tooth sorted.. would highly recommend. 

Joe Anson via Facebook


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