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Study case – 6 unit bridge!

A 6 unit PFM (porcelain fused metal) bridge.


This patient came into the surgery for an examination. During the examination Dr Dhody’s findings was not great the patient had 2 retained roots which were unrestorable and a veneer that was missing.


The patient wasn’t happy with his teeth or his smile. He asked Dr Dhody what options he had for replacing the teeth and improving his smile. Dr Dhody discussed various options to replace these teeth with the patient, such as: dentures either plastic or metal, a bridge either a PFM (porcelain fused metal) bridge or zirconia bridge, or dental implants were all discussed. All the pros, cons and any questions or queries the patient had were answered. After much consideration the patient opted for a PFM bridge.

The retained roots were extracted and as advised by Dr Dhody, patient was asked to wait for 3-4 weeks to allow the gums to heal properly before commencing any further treatment.

The patient came into surgery to start the process of his bridge, Dr Dhody shaped the patient’s teeth into pegs and then an impression was taken. An impression is taken of the teeth so the bridge can be made it fit perfectly onto the patient’s existing teeth.

This is a mould that has been made from the patient’s impressions taken. It is used at the lab to work on the patient’s bridge for a perfect fit.  

The patient had temporary crowns fitted until the final bridge was attached.


This is the patient’s bridge before being fitted.


This is the view of the bridge from above, you can see the parts of the bridge that will be cemented onto the patient’s pegs and then the 2 teeth that will be filling in the gaps. The patient came back to the surgery and had the bridge cemented into place and he was very happy with the end result.




What a transformation in less than 2 weeks.

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